Trust Packaging & Printing Ind. Ltd always ensure a better society and a cleaner environment. The CSR activities of this company have been the reflection of its social commitments. The group has been active to ensure a better living for its employees as well as the community. CSR Programs are: Calorie Distribution by providing Calorie Food (Egg, Milk, Potato, Cooking Oil), Eye Camp, Awareness program, annual Feast & Cultural program. The initiatives of this Group in this regard has been awarded and accredited by the International Development Organization.

In the recent years the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a leading initiative under taken by numerous corporations and enterprises in Bangladesh. The social responsibility of the corporate bodies especially the RMG sector has been focused by all stakeholders including buyers and the civil society members. Since its inception, the Cosy Fashion Limited has been committed to creating a healthy & vibrant working environment for all employees. Cosy Fashion is amongest the first few companies in Bangladesh to implement innovative motivation, benefit, safety & training programs to make the workplace an enjoyable and a productive one. Besides devotion to work, a culture of enthusiastic participation in extra curricular activities is clearly evident throughout the company. These programs have generated a sense of goodwill towards fellow employees.

  • Working Hours

Overtime hours are to be worked solely on the basis of workers’ free will. The maximum allowable working hours in a week are 48 and the maximum allowable overtime hours in a week are 12. An employee is entitled to at least one free day following six consecutive days worked. The company will not allow any worker to work more than 60 (sixty) hours of work per week including overtime hours, but on an average not more than 56 (fifty six) hours of work per week in a given 12 months time period. The payment of over time work will be made at premiere rates as per local laws.

  • Working Conditions

Our company must treat all workers with respect and dignity and provide them with a safe and healthy environment and comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working conditions. The company shall not use corporal punishment or any other form of physical or psychological coercion.