Fabric cutting is very important process for manufacturing the garments. Apparel can be rejected if cutting process will not be perfect. As a result, some points should consider before fabric cutting which helps to minimize the probability of garments rejection by the buyer.


Indonesian worker using a cutter – a large machine for cutting fabrics – in a asian textile factory, he wears a chain glove

Fabric Cutting:

The clarification of fabric cutting is very complex. In ready mate garments industries, fabric is cut from lay with accuracy and properly which is spreading down as fabric cutting. Marker outline is used to cut the fabric. During Garments Manufacturing fabric cutting is very important as if something is cut in the wrong way which is not be rectified.

Fused Edge Removing:

Fused edge in cutting fabric is one of the major faults of cutting section in ready mate garments section . It hampers the whole processes of apparel manufacturing. So, it is too much needy to remove these kinds of faults from the cutting section for achieving better output from a garment export orders.

During fabric cutting, when the parts of fabric are cut from the fabric lay, there is generated friction between the fabric and cutting knife. As a result heat is generated in the cutting knife. Sometimes it’s seen that, due to excessive heat generation by friction may cause burn of the edge of cutting fabric. It affects deeply in case of tharmo plastic fiber.