Freight Forwarding

Our Services of Freight Forwarding:

1. Production Update: As per order no. we update customer’s current status of the merchandise.
2. Booking Update: Upon receiving booking from Exporter we update our booking format for customer’s reference, necessary checking & approval.
3. Cargo Receiving Update: Upon receiving cargoes at our Chittagong CFS, we re-update booking format with planned schedule.
4. Cargo Stuffing Update: After stuffing all sort of relevant data are updated through Cargo Advice format.
5. On board Mother Vessel Confirmation: After Mother Vessel Sailing ex: Transshipment port, Container on board confirmation is updated.
6. Documentation Update: All sort of relevant documents for cargo releasing are updated after Mother Vessel sailing at Transshipment port within 48 hours.
7. Notice of Arrival: For smooth cargo delivery at Port of discharge arrival notice will be served by destination agent in due course.

Customer Choice & Requirement: We maintain the following work flow chart as per Customer Instruction & Satisfaction:

• Item wise booking update in the established format provided by buyer within the stipulated time.
• Cargo receiving at Chittagong CFS or ware house as per guideline of buyer.
• Goods stuffing into a container as per specific vol. & measurement sheet are provided by buyer – if necessary.
• Upon getting approval from buyer on vessel schedule & applicable rate thereafter goods will be stuffing & container loading through a carrier is nominated by buyer.
• Documents will be updated & released as per Carrier’s Local Practice of Shipping.

a) Capacity
b) Floor area
c) Manpower 50 Persons
d) Year of establishment 2013
e) Total machineries
f) Any achievement