Industrial Engineering & Planning Department

With a view to maximizing profit margin through minimizing CM Value, wastage/NPT, accelerating productivity; IE & Planning department has had commenced its journey since 2009. Within the couple of years it became able to draw the satisfactions of top management throughout its praiseworthy creative & analytical works. Contrary to the then conventional thinking, it had pointed out different types of integrated tools & techniques of Lean Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering. It has already spread its wings into various sections like knitting, dyeing, cutting, printing, sewing, finishing. IE & Planning department is carrying out its responsibility by instantaneous problem finding technique, reducing NPT, preparing line layout, target setting up, preparing style wise SMV & SMV bank, process wise SAM, solving bottle neck, time study, motion study, method study, reporting on WIP, Man-M/C, KPI, weekly performance, calculating efficiency, skill testing, skill matrix, operator rating & database, KPI, overall planning etc. Induction of latest version of ERP, GSD; participation on versatile training programs (i.e. BUET, BKMEA, ILO); co-work with renowned consultancy farms (i.e. Spectrum Lanka Technology Solutions Limited, RBC) makes IE & Planning department better than the best. In order to keep up with the contemporary competent and reach Crony Group at the zenith of successes; 1 senior manager, 1 deputy manager, 2 assistant managers along with 36 efficient, dynamic, well trained officers is working together hard & soul.

Branches of Industrial Engineering & Planning Department:


IE & Work Study

Management Information System (MIS)

Research & Development (R&D)