Machinary & Equipment

We utilize a Great quality machines. Since this is the main thing which can make items great. So we figure we should utilize best quality machines . There are heaps of best quality machine we utilize given

Sewing Machine

There are two types of Sewing machine. One is Manually operated sewing machine and 2nd one is

1.Manually operated sewing machine

The machine where sewing is finished by utilizing physical power is named as physically worked sewing machine. These kinds of sewing machines are boundlessly utilized in fitting and residential reason for sewing textures. This machine types are not utilized in attire fabricating ventures because of the less articles of clothing creation.

2.Electrically operated sewing machine

The machine where sewing is finished by utilizing electrical power is known as electrically worked sewing machines. This kinds of machines are broadly utilized in piece of clothing fabricating ventures because of the higher attire creation. These sewing machines likewise named as mechanical sewing m/c.

High speed 2-Needle 5-Thread overlock machine

This Juki MO 6500 machine is furnished as standard with an oil channel which channels contaminants from the oil shields the machine parts from rubbing and improves the sewing machine sturdiness. Profoundly unbending feed instrument is embraced which guarantees direct power transmissions.The needle bar component is immediate drive which transmits control straightforwardly to the needle bar. It likewise adds to improved sturdiness.

Button Attaching Machine

Button sewing machine is a unique sort of machine which is utilized in pieces of clothing ventures to append button so it is called catch joining machine. This kind of machine works for sewing shirt fastens in a cycle thus these are likewise called basic auto machine.

Features of Buttons Stitching Machine

  • It is a basic programmed m/c.
  • Catch situating can be programmed.
  • Sewing is as per the opening in catch and might be cross or parallel.
  • Programmed encouraging of the shirt catches
  • Join type: lock fasten or chain line may utilized.

Cutting Machine

There are two sorts of cuting machines we are utilizing. We generally utilize the best quality machines. What’s more, we generally deal with that each piece machine. Also, We have qualified laborers who realizes how to function with this machines superbly.

cutting machines can either be automated or physically worked to cut textures into various shapes. Models incorporate straight blade, hand shears, band blade and mechanized cutting blades. Electronic blades are the most precise and the quickest, though a straight blade does the trick when the amount of the textures is low. A band blade gives a superior cutting precision than a straight blade. Hand shears are pertinent in cutting single or even twofold handles, despite the fact that it is tedious.

1.Fabric Cutting Machine

2. Laser Fabric Cutting Machine

Knitting Equipment

We use so many Knitting machines for different purpose and for better goods.

  1. V-bed knitting machine

  2. Circular knitting machine

  3. Four truck single jersey circular knitting m\c

  4. Mechanical Interlock circular knitting machine

  5. Electronic Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

  6. Interlock circular knitting machine.

  7. Rib circular knitting machine

  8. Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

  9. V- Bed Automatic Knitting Machine

  10. Coller Cuff V- Bed Automatic Knitting Machine

  11. Tricot Warp Knitting Machine


V-bed knitting machine

Circular knitting machine


Four truck single jersey circular knitting