Our Management

Managing Director’s Message

MD. Rasel Mahmud

Every journey begins with a vision of reaching a destination. However our vision has never been limited to reaching someplace. Instead we have always envisioned a journey where we progress along with all our associates, customers, employees and vendors. On this journey we have crossed several milestones. From each one we learned that the best way forward is by maintaining our high business practices and quality standards.
Gearing up for the future, we have the key success factors necessary to withstand the winds of change. Our efficient manufacturing abilities and technical prowess have given us the edge in our field of expertise. Not resting on our laurels, we look forward to discovering new heights during our journey. We believe that we reign supreme because we don’t attempt to conquer. We just do our job the best way.

We have enjoyed an annual average growth rate of 12% since 2008 and this, in a difficult market, has strengthened our belief and commitment in our strategy of re-investing our profits in the business. Bangladesh has made significant progress in infrastructure, in satisfying its energy needs, and  in regulating the working conditions of its skilled workforce, all of which open opportunities for us. By the end of 2014, through significant investments in the reorganization of KNITTING and DYEING and with the building of a new plant, these activities shall be “green”. This in turn allows us to offer a line of products with greater added value to our customers!!!! The project meets the standards of developed countries with respect to environmental and social responsibilities as well as the development of our employees. The development costs that we have incurred and the innovations that we have made are a testament to our confidence.